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02 November 2007 @ 01:47 pm

 Well the last entry here was in...March I believe? Unless, of course, my reading skills have sadly limped away with their end-stops between their legs, which would not be surprising regarding the lack of sleep I've been getting. Why?


Seriously (and this applies to every single late-night student out there) why the hell do you rely on other people to be your personal door-openers? It may have worked fine when you lived in a HOUSE with OTHER PEOPLE who were all too HAPPY to let you in but I am trying to SLEEP. For the love of God, would it kill you to remember to take your keys with you when you leave the flat? If it was just one person fine. But a whole 'gaggle' of you seem to possess the same appalling lack-of-memory skills. Thus, a group of you are always banging on the door at two-to-four in the morning. It's getting to the stage where I'm just ignoring you pointedly. In fact I walked away from two guys last night who were screaming their heads off just because they didn't have their sense to attach their keys to their persons.

Also, my flatmates have developed a lovely new game. It's called key-o-rang. You know how a boomerang comes back when you throw it? Well, these geniuses have decided that same principle applies to their keys when they chuck them against other peoples' door at three o' clock in the morning. I wonder how well that same principle works if it's driven into someone's eye...


Well, at least it means that those flatmates don't forget their keys I suppose.

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06 March 2007 @ 11:35 am
Nothing came of the white lightning situation, but now, someone is eating my cereal and using my stuff. I'm so tired of this! If it isn't yours why do you insist on using it! It's just cheeky to be honest. I thought for this week because of the flatmate being away it was going to be a bit less hassle, yet seems this person is going around taking whatever the hell she feels like, as none of the people who live here with me would eat my things.

Please will it all end........
05 March 2007 @ 10:21 pm
Is it just me, or would you be pissed off if someone who doesn't even live in your flat decides to live here for the week your flatmate is away, and has her friends round, and decides to fill your shelves (pushing your stuff out of the way) in way for white lightning! Excellent. As if being here wasnt bad enough! If she wakes me up in the middle of the night at any time this week, I will certainly call security. She was blocked from these halls, and is only able to be here cos her brother is on a geography trip this week.

02 March 2007 @ 06:58 pm

I think I want to do a complete re-think and train as a dance teacher....

Is this a silly thought, or should I pursue it?

25 February 2007 @ 03:37 pm
So, university, 'ey? I believe my ire towards it is well known!

I have passed the point of caring anymore, and I'm only in my second semester! For some reason I am thouroughly disliked by certain sections of my class, and that reputation has passed on into the STUDENT COMMUNITY! I thought it was bad enough when someone was warned about me BEFORE SHE CAME TO UNI because I was "a psychopath" XD

It should be noted that I've never actually done anything that could be considered psychotic. I probably made a mistake by being open to my class about my autistic tendencies, and that I'm a new-age lolfest who believes in faeries... but I thought writers were meant to be eccentric!

Then again, there are people on my course who can't even use basic grammar. We even had people on the course who didn't write - and had no desire to! When I went and produced a thirty-something page character study, people appeared intimidated by the idea that I actually enjoyed writing. Given how we had a month to write it, I don't see why it was such a big deal ... but then everyone else seemed to write it the night/morning before. I don't get that, I thought people on a writing course would love the chance to write freely... o_O

But yeah... uni is pretty shit, isn't it? Are all students this...generic? Every special event the union organises seems to have a "suyrprise twist", which inevitably revolves around alcohol. I always find myself surrounded by testosterone-fueled blokes who act like 14-year-olds, constantly trying to show off or one-up each other (and there was me thinking A-Eng was bad!). I get sneered at and ignored seemingly because I'm not into the right "scene". IT'S JUST LIKE HIGH SCHOOL!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who seems stuck in another high school. I thought it might just be Derby (because it's shit).

Maybe I'm too old for all this...waaaah!
22 February 2007 @ 12:19 pm
Gah! One of my fucking flatmates has stolen my fucking kitchen scissors! And they're good ones! From Lakeland! I went to the kitchen to get breakfast & noticed my oven gloves weren't hanging from my drawer handle. Looking around I saw them dumped on the counter a little way down. OK, annoying that they didn't put them back but they were left in plain sight, so not too big a deal. But I wondered if anything else of mine had been used (I've had people do that before & then just abandon them without washing up - fuckers), so I looked at the tub containing all my utensils I can't fit in my cupboard (sieves, whisks, tongs, large spoons, etc) & saw my scissors weren't there. Rather pissed off at the fact that someone had used my stuff & then apparently not cleaned up afterwards, I looked through the piles of stuff waiting for washing up. Not there. Looked through the stuff that had been washed up & abandoned on the drying board. Not there. Looked on top of the fridge. Not there. Looked at the stuff abandoned on the kitchen table. Not there. Checked the communal cupboard. Not there. Looked through random people's drawers. Yeah guess what? Not there. SOME THIEVING TWAT HAS SWIPED MY SCISSORS.

And after greeting my day with that, I went to a seminar. There are supposed to be 10 people in the group. 3 people turned up. The kicker is there were 6 people at the last one & that was on a snow day, when at least people had an excuse to not make it to a class. I don't think "It rained last night & the ground is a bit wet" is a valid excuse at all. Admittedly the woman running the seminar isn't the greatest - the way she ran the last seminar was frankly awful & worthy of its own post - but I've had worse, & besides which we're still obliged to show up to these things, like it or not.
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21 February 2007 @ 04:11 pm
Throughout your entire school life you're treated as a child, being spoonfed all the crap you're supposed to learn and you take it in thinking, "just wait... once I'm free from this hell I'll be treated like an adult, as an equal and tutors will take my opinions seriously and all will be well... right?"

... WRONG!!!

Go to uni in september thinking I'm free from spoonfed crap I can become a real designer and think for myself!

Project 3: November 24th... In waltzes our infamous student tutor EMMA >_< (Shudders with dread)

I cannot believe that we have just spent three entire projects being taught as if we are year 7s!!!

The first lesson with her she basically split us into groups and we had to answer questionnaires and she would figure out whether we were an explorer, a pilot or an adventurer ... I think my first question was wtf!?!

Next lesson, we had to decide what we needed to become explorers and analyse how we work, at which point we're thinking can we have the brief and go do the work now?
This analysis went on for several lessons until we found ourselves in the third week of the four week project and we still hadn't done any real work, so we skipped the rest of the lessons and did the work at halls.

Went in for the presentation which is 10% of the marks.... we had to decide which of the people in our class were dogs, who were cleaners, who were doctor Watsons, and who were sherlock holmes... again our expressions were pretty much between ¬_¬ and O.o???
I got 42% for that project (40% is the pass mark ^^;;) My second mark was better (62 out of 70) a first ^_^ but that's only because the head of multimedia and graphics marked it.

The second brief was the same and now we're on the third project with her and we're onto the fourth week and no-ones got ANYTHING done, its Wednesday and the deadline is either Friday or Monday, being as useful as she is she hasn't told us. We also don't have a complete list of what we need to have done by the deadline day. I'm assuming she'll want presentation sheets but I don't know. Some people are saying the animation has to be 4 screens long only, some say it doesn't matter. One of the guys has read the objectives for the project and apparently we aren't fulfilling any of them! It's soooo frustrating because we have a live project we could get paid for going at the same time with the same deadline, but we have to pass both with at least 40%

*breathes* sorry for such a long post, but very much needed to get this out... back to work I go!
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20 February 2007 @ 12:59 pm
I am fed up with the lack of opportunities I have here. If I was at home, ie very small Carlisle in comparison to very big Liverpool, I could learn really good dance routines and be happy. As it is I am stuck here with only DVDs and Adam, bless him, to entertain me. Uni sucks, big time.
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20 February 2007 @ 12:30 pm
Released at 11am...  Check.

I arrive at uni at 12.30...


(WEll, I know why I can't get them (too many people trying to get their results at once) but that's beside the point!!  The uni should know to get a better system to cope with the students who desperately want to see if they'll be doing resits or not!!)  

20 February 2007 @ 12:26 pm
So, not being a sports nut, I decided to join Pilates- helpful for dancers, etc. Looked forward to it since last week, so I go along with flatmate Adam today, and low behold-

Class has been cancelled as she hasnt showed up to teach it- and apparently this has happened twice, so it is being debated as to whether it will carry on at all!

Absolutely marvellous. I was silly to think that it could actually be not too bad being here, how silly I was!

Oh well, back to DVD workouts for me :P

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